Thank you

A massive weekend at the Kanga’s stadium over the grand final weekend, we would like to put a big thank you the following volunteers who helped over the weekend including Mel Kirby, Di Fitzgerald, Dave Bourke, Roger Sparks, Gary Stone, Lisa Jones and Steve Audet. Also big a thank you to other helpers Bella, Abby, Kate, Megan, Maddy, Brandon, Zara, Brodie, Sienna and Krystel.

And last, but certainly not least, the KKFC Committee, without you guys working the BBQ, canteen and bar this weekend and throughout the season we wouldn’t have a club. So thank you all for your help.

Go the Kanga’s!

Congratulations to our Premiers for 2019

Big congratulations to the Kangas U13Ds, U16Ds, U18As, U21Ds, U21Es and AL03s.

You have all had an amazing season and have deserved the permiership.

To our other Grand Final players,  U12Ds, U18Cs, AL4, AL7, AL8 and SWG, you played well and have done the club proud.

22 Kangas Teams in the Semi Finals for 2019

10 Minor Premiers and 22 Semi Finalists for 2019.

What a huge last round of soccer Kangas. We are happy to announce the following teams who have cemented the Minor Premiership in their respective competitions:

U12D, U13D, U16D, U18A, U18C2, U21D1, U21E2, AL42, AL7 and AL10.


Congrats also to the following teams who will be joining them in the semis next weekend:

U21A, AL1, AL3, AL41, AL52, AL81, O35A, O35C, O45A, W21A, SWE2 and SWG1.


Thats a total of 22 kanga teams competing in the semi finals next weekend.

Please get out and support our Kangas Teams.

Up the Kangas!!!!

Game details will be posted as soon as they are available.