FNSW Insurance website

Full details of the Insurance for Players can be found at the Football NSW Insurance website.

Insurance flyer can be downloaded from here.


The Football NSW Limited Insurance Programme has been arranged by Football NSW on behalf of all Insured
persons. The programme is administered by Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers.

What is covered?

The 2022 FNSW Insurance Programme consists of three policies:

  • Personal Injury
  • Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity
  • Management Liability.

Who is covered?

The 2022 FNSW Insurance Programme defines the Insured as:

All appropriately registered players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, voluntary workers, selectors, referees, ball boys, medical officers, physiotherapists and ambulance
officers; and all directors, officers, employees, executive officers, office bearers and committees of the insured.

When are you covered?

Cover is provided under the Sports Personal Injury policy to the above insured persons whilst:

  • Playing in official matches sanctioned by the insured.
  • Engaged in organised training and Practice
  • Traveling directly to, from or between official matches or training and your home or work.
  • Staying away from your home district for the purpose of participating in representative or club matches
  • Engaged in administrative or organised social activities for your club or Federation.
    The policy also extends to cover insured persons whilst engaged in Fundraising activities and Voluntary Work performed on behalf of the Insured

What is covered?

Basic cover for participants who suffer injuries arising out of participation in football.

For further details refer to the FNSW Insurance Programme website.

Injury Claim Process

  • Injury claim forms are now completed online through the claims portal on the FNSW Insurance website.
  • The online claim process enables claimants to apply and upload documents and receipts online for quicker processing.
  • To lodge an injury claim go to Lodge your Claim online

o   The claimant registers and completes the claim form online.

o   The Club Declaration and Physician’s Statement forms are both downloaded and printed by the claimant from the claims portal.

o   The Club Declaration is completed by the club and is then saved and uploaded to the claims portal by the claimant.

o   The Physician’s Statement is completed by the claimant’s Doctor or Specialist and is then saved and uploaded to the claims portal by the claimant.


Injury Claim Verifications

  • Claim verification is required for all injury claims.
  • Verification cannot occur until the Club Declaration and Physician’s Statement are uploaded or received by Gow-Gates.
  • State Leagues claims are verified by Gow-Gates in consultation with FNSW.



For all enquiries regarding insurance, please contact Gow-Gates on (02) 8267 9999 or email football@gowgates.com.au